Family Reunion Tips: How to prepare an Italian-themed barbecue

With the busy lifestyles that everyone leads nowadays, gatherings like family reunions are forgotten. However, for traditional families, these get-togethers are still important. This is why they take some time out of their hectic schedules in order to make way for family gatherings. How important are family reunions? According to USA Today, reunions are important because they preserve beloved memories, recipes that are handed down through generations, favorite anecdotes, and they even help ensure that familial bonds are kept. Moreover, this is a chance to catch up on each other’s lives and to be updated on things like which university your cousins are going to, or where Gran and Gramps will go on a holiday.

Italians are known for being family-oriented, thus it’s only appropriate that we look up to their ways and customs. For your next family reunion, you can opt for an Italian-themed barbecue on the grounds of the Willow Glen Inn. Its gardens are the ideal location for an outdoor picnic, and it’s always great to be surrounded with nature’s beauty when you’re with family. Since these events are laid-back, there’s no pressure on dress codes—you can come as yourself, and no one will judge you even if you’re casually clad in a pair of Marks & Spencer jeans and Havaianas flip flops. Although these barbecues are usually held during spring or summer, autumn will add new color to your picnic, and the natural foliage will be a wonderful background for family photos.

For table decorations on your Italian barbecue, you can place fresh-smelling herbs instead of festive flowers on checkered tables. Your appetizers may include grilled favorites such as prosciutto-wrapped grilled fig salad or grilled mussels with salsa verde. You can also include different types of cheeses with the appetizers. For the entrée, you can serve Tuscan steaks and varieties of pasta. Have an assortment of Italian cookies or ricotta cheesecake ready for dessert. But apart from the food, don’t forget that the most important thing is to bond with the family—ban all sorts of electronic devices, and spend quality time with each other for a memorable gathering.

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